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United States

The United States, located mostly in North America, stands as the most powerful nation in the world. The US economy is the largest and most technologically powerful economy in the world. Steady growth of the country along with low inflation and unemployment with speedy advancements in technology keep the economy strong. It is the largest importer of goods as well as the third largest exporter. Electrical machinery constitutes the leading export commodity, whereas vehicles constitute the chief import. The US is the largest importer of oil in the world along with being its third largest producer. It is also an industrial power. When it comes to agriculture, the country is the top producer of corn and soybeans in the world.

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Economy of United States

United States Dollar

Fiscal Year

01 October - 30 September




$1.149 Trillion


$1.985 Trillion

Main Industries

petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace,telecommunications,chemicals, electronics,food processing, consumer goods, lumber, mining,defense.

Export Goods

soybeans, fruit, corn,organic chemicals,transistors, aircraft,motor vehicle parts,computers,telecommunications equipment, automobiles,medicines.

Import Goods

agricultural products,industrial supplies,crude oil, capital goods,computers,telecommunications equipment, motor vehicle parts, office machines,electric power machinery,consumer goods,automobiles, clothing,medicines, furniture and toys.